Hope House 4 Women

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Hope House for Women

Making a Difference

Hope House for Women

Making a Difference

Some of our ladies that are living Sober Lives.


Some of our ladies that are living Sober Lives.

About Us


Our Team

Our amazing team of Christian full-time and part-time volunteers are committed to  aiding women living on the margins of society into a relationship with God as well as providing temporary sober housing, clothing and support.  


Our History

Hope House 4 Women started as a dream of Pastor Cindy Bishop in 2010 to minister to the women and their families living on the margins of society. The dream took shape when HH4W was able to purchase a home and 2 extra lots at 2410 12th ST. SW in Canton, OH. This was the start of an amazing ministry that God has majorly blessed. HH4W has added though several different ways 7 homes that provide temporary sober housing, clothing and support.   


Our Mission


Hope House 4 Women is striving to be the venue in leading women living on the margins of society into a relationship with God as well as providing temporary sober housing, clothing and support.

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We are a 501c3 ministry. All donations are tax-deductible. We receive no government support. This ministry is totally supported by donated financial support. Your support will continue to help us transform the lives of women and their families. Please Donate Now.

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Rev. Cindy Bishop Reflection


     I was raised in the Nazarene Church, the grand-daughter of a Nazarene pastor. I was raised in a time where the church was very strict and ridged and made up of a lot of rules we had to follow if we were to be “Christians”. I gave my heart to the Lord many times but could not be the perfect person I should be based on their standards.  At 15, I felt the Lord’s call to ministry on my life, but I ran from it thinking there was no way I could be a Christian with those attitudes and judgements.  I knew nothing about the love relationship God and I could have. Instead it was in fear of God that I felt the need to be saved and I ran!

     I went my own way for many years and found myself in and out of a marriage because of adultery, becoming an alcoholic and financially in ruins. Even through those dark times, I felt the Lord’s presence always and His hand upon me. One of my friends I grew up with in church said I used to go to the bar, be drinking and preaching at the same time. How ironic.

    Through all of those times, I knew I wanted God in my life, but didn’t know exactly know how and why. My second husband and I were on a path to divorce and I was devastated. I felt so hurt and alone, I wanted to die. I went in our bedroom and asked God to let me die and His sweet small voice said to me, “No, what about your children and I have plans for you.” I prayed and asked for His forgiveness and He once again freed me from myself and my past. This time, I knew it was for real and our love relationship began. I never knew how that felt and where it would take me and my husband.

    In the past 10 years, God has truly blessed my husband Rick and me with a renewed love for Him and for each other. He also blessed us with 3 great kids and 11 grandchildren that we love so much. He also brought to my attention the call He had placed on my heart many years ago. Now that Rick and I have both committed our lives to His service, we have been given a very special ministry, one that has its rewards and its trials. I have learned to have faith and to lean on Him more than ever before. We minister to prostitutes, addicts, and those who have just lost their way. God spoke to me one day after I had visited a young mother, a prostitute, who needed a place to get help. God told me to be His hands & feet and help ladies like her. These are women who society wants to forget about, the lowest of low, but not to God.

     Within 4 months of affirmation through prayer, scripture and others who prayed with us, we were on our way to purchasing a home, Hope House 4 Women of Stark county, Inc. We had a drop-in center in place and a church plant as well. Within the first year, we had been given a home for them to live in for up to 12 months where they could remain sober, learn about how Jesus can transform their lives and find good jobs, off the streets. Almost 8 years later, we now have 7 houses and can house up 15 women at a time. God is so good and if we obey Him, He will perform miracles in our lives.

     June 2016, I was ordained as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene and Hope House  4 Women is a 501©3 compassionate ministry site, an organic church and we are going strong with God’s help. I thank Him every day for his forgiveness, his call on my life and how He has made my mistakes and issues a venue for helping other women find the love and grace of God. 


Michelle's Testimony

lives and family restored


It was February 1, 2017.. I was free from prison, and nowhere to go. God made a way! My residence went from homeless to Hope. I was accepted into the Hope House 4 Women. This is where my relationship was to grow stronger in the Lord. I have ended up with the best relationship with my family, especially my 20 year old son. I have gotten custody back of my 15, my 11, and my 7 year old. I'm going on 3 years sobriety. Pastor Cindy from the Hope House did the honor of marring my husband, Arkiba  and I. We are buying the home that we live in thanks to Hope House 4 Women. I am studying to complete my Master's degree in Christian Ministry. Without Hope House 4 Women, Pastor Cindy, and Pastor John's encouragement and support I would have never strengthened myself for the world today. I appreciate and cherish the people that the Lord put in my life.





Dori W

I would like to take an opportunity to share a small part of my journey in recovery. I have been an active alcoholic for 18 years. I was never in denial and always was putting up a fight. I stayed at Hope House 4 Women in 2012. The opportunity that that Hope House 4 Women offers women is truly life saving and life transforming. The fact that they take in women off the streets and try to direct them gently into a life of God and a new way of life is astounding. The passion put into the program shows from all those involved from churches generosity, to the individual donation, to the volunteer transport driver, to the volunteer mowing the grass. I am grateful for my experience and Hope House 4 Women those facilities keep expanding to help more and more women like me. I now have 17 months clean and sober thanks to God and places like Hope House 4 Women.

cindy G

   Hello, my name is Cindy G. I was one of the first  five women at the Hope House. I was sitting on the block one day, sick  as a dog, when a girl I knew pulled up with Pastor Cindy.

     I  was  practicing prostitution and high at the time. They asked me if I  was hungry, and to my surprise they went to get me McDonald's and came  back. Ya just don’t find many people out there who care enough to do  things like that. They gave me a bag of hygiene items and the card for  Hope House 4 Women.

    I believe it was the next  day I called. I was so sick with walking pneumonia. They came and  picked me up and I became a resident of Hope House. Actually I was a  resident there a few times. 

    Guess I wasn’t  ready to live in reality. But I tried, went to meetings, went to church,  I actually found God in a way I never knew. Spent countless hours  talking to Pastor Cindy. I know in a lot of ways we helped each other. I  know I caused a lot of worries to both Pastor Cindy and to Pastor John.  They went out of their way to help me. Just find sobriety and a way to  just live life on life’s terms.

    But I was  hard headed. I just wanted to do things my way. But to this day thru it  all, they have never gave up on me. I went back and forth to the  streets, the drugs, and God knows bad relationships. But always in my  heart and mind I received tools from Hope House that will never be  forgotten. 

    See I finally got it. As of this  month I am 5 years sober, I moved away, oh, yeah, geographical change  worked for me. Today I have my life back and I have a beautiful family  relationship – work every day – I have friends who truly want what’s  best for me. 

    Recently I moved back to Canton  and thought "Wow. I’m about to face the greatest challenge in my life-  moving back to where I practiced all that garbage. I know all too well  the fear my family and friends shared. I have to admit it is a struggle.  Although we change our way of thinking, our actions, doesn’t mean  life’s struggles aren’t gonna slap us down. It so easy to give up. But  who wants to live like that."

   I pray above all  God keeps me strong, although I work my butt off. Life is still hard.  I’m one day away from being homeless. I have a terrible record even  though through my sobriety I have cleaned a lot up. There are those who  will always judge your past. Hope House taught me to believe in myself.  Love yourself First.

I truly believe if it  weren’t for Hope House I wouldn’t be here today – yes it took me a  minute to get it. Forgiveness is hard especially when its yourself you  need to forgive.

    I never knew God or even how  to talk to him before but I know today he listens. Hope House is a  great place. I found a conscience there. Pastor Cindy would say to me  "Don’t do that – if no one else sees you GOD does."  You will always  have friends at Hope House: Rick, Pastor Cindy, Pastor John, Rhonda,  & Linda R,      

    Reach out to the Hope  House if you need help Don’t take as long as I did to STOP the madness.  "Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens." See God has  blessings for all of us and we gonna receive it on his terms. Don’t give  up! Your sobriety can be a blessing to so many others –Blessings to  all 


More coming